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USB Baby Bottle Milk Warmer

There are very compelling reasons to include a baby bottle warmer on your baby registry – or to use one if your little one has already arrived! Here are the top 5:

  1. Babies like warm milk: Breastmilk is body temperature so if you switch to formula, she will probably prefer it warm too! 
  2. It's safer --Some Moms microwave milk to warm it up which can be dangerous and cause hot spots or uneven heating and burn your baby's mouth. Using a bottle warmer is safer 
  3. It's faster than other methods: Running hot water over the bottle or warming it in boiling water takes a lot more time (and effort if you're holding the bottle under hot water) than using a warmer.
  4. Preserves nutrients. You should never heat up breastmilk in the microwave. Doing so can affect the composition of the milk and destroy key nutrients.
  5. No extra pots or dishes to wash. If you go with a stovetop heating method, or put the bottle in a bowl of warm water, you’ll have that many more items to wash.

A bottle warmer solves all these problems and more!