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Toy Storage


Gone are the days of begging kids to not scatter toys all over the room. Our toy storage bag with a large play mat, which locks the child's play area and stops the spread of kid toy clutter. Clean up in seconds, lift the [hidden on the mat edge] handles to quickly Stored in toy organizer bins.

 Basket for toy storage built-in 57 inches/19.6-inch playmat that allows kids to spread their toys out on - ensuring they find that blue legos or green magnate they were looking for. You just need to pull the playmat out of the storage basket and spread it out.

 This uniquely designed storage container is perfect to store almost any kind of small toys like LEGOs, Hot Wheels, magnatiles, and even Barbie dolls. When the toys are not in use, they are stored in a stylish 12 x 12" storage basket. The small size bag you can also use as a pencil bag.

 Our quality toy storage basket soft, but strong, is built to stand the test through childhood time. It is a wonderful gift for your lovely children