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Steamie™ Hair Cap

Steamie™ Hair Cap is extremely handy for fashion conscious women who know how to take care of their hair the smart way.

✅ Hydrate Hair That Is Dry and Resistant
✅ Moisturize the cuticle of your hair
✅ Increase the absorption of the product
✅ Moisture Penetration Enhancement
✅ Curl Pattern Enhancement & Hair Growth Stimulation
✅ Suitable for all hair types with low or high porosity, but especially Type 4 hair


With the Electric Hair Steaming Cap all you need to do is apply your hair treatment, wear the cap adjusting the fastening cord to suit your head and turn it on.

The electric beauty cap comes with the following amazing features:

✅ Long electric cord that allows you engage in other activities while steaming your hair.
✅ Adjustable fastening cords for easy fit.
✅ Detachable and washable inside cap for proper hygiene.
✅ Flame-retardant electronic temperature control heating cap
✅ Safe and convenient to use
Indispensable tool for nursing your hair at home
Inner embedded plastic film is waterproof
Detachable and washable
✅ Two level of temperature controlling, you can adjust to a suitable temperature
✅ Inner film material: high-temperature coating cloth


✅ Material: Waterproof Cloth, Plastic
✅ Color: Pink
✅ Plug Type: US Plug/EU Plug(Optional)
✅ Power: 50-70W
✅ Heat Stages: High - Low - Off
✅ Heating Temperature: Max. Up to 75℃
✅ LED Indicator: Yes