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Sleeping Bluetooth Band

Sleeping Bluetooth Band

Chronic sleep deprivation is a known but readily ignored potential cause of  high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure or stroke. Other potential problems include obesity, depression, impairment in immunity and lower sex drive. Worse, chronic sleep deprivation can even affect your physical appearance!

It is therefore a no brainer that we all need long, uninterrupted hours of sleep constantly to improve our overall health and wellbeing while avoiding damaging long-term health complications.

While most people find it easy to fall asleep the story is not the same for others. A few things that keep people up and prevent them from falling asleep include noise from moving vehicles, barking dogs, loud music, snoring partners, noise from neighbors and medical conditions such as tinnitus.

Are these familiar to you? Then today might be your lucky day!

Studies have shown that people who listen to relaxing music and sounds such as nature sounds, water sounds and ocean waves for 30-45 minutes before bed every night  fall asleep more quickly, sleep more deeply, and feel more rested the next morning. Even better, listening to music and these relaxing sounds while trying to sleep helps shut out unpleasant noises that can keep you awake such us the unpleasant snoring of your spouse.

Our new Sleeping Bluetooth Band is designed to help you fall asleep faster by helping you to listen to your favorite music, meditation and relaxing sounds.




Listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks before bed is usually done with headphones or wired headsets if you don't prefer doing it on loudspeaker which can disturb the sleep of others you may find yourself in the same room with. Headphones can be uncomfortable and almost impossible to sleep with especially if you're a side sleeper.

The Sleeping Bluetooth Band allows you to sleep in any position you want while being able to listen to your music and podcast. The inbuilt speakers of the Sleeping Bluetooth Band are thin which makes them comfortable and painless to use. You might not even notice they are there while sleeping on your side. Now you can sleep on your side comfortably and listen to your music, podcasts and audiobooks at the same time.



If you're used to listening to music while sleeping then you can understanding how frustrating it can be to use wired earpieces or wireless earbuds. Apart from not being able to side sleep with them, they tend to fall out of your ears while you sleep and with the case of wired earpieces, a mess is always created in the morning as they end up getting tangled up. Wireless earbuds don't do a great job either. You might always have to reach under your bed to be able to look for them every time you wake up when you sleep with them. The Sleeping Bluetooth Band matter how much you toss and turn while you sleep at night.




The Sleeping Bluetooth Band doesn't only function as headphones for your music and podcasts while you sleep. It can also serve as a sleep mask to help block out light for a much restful sleep.

To make it even better it has been designed to serve the purpose of a sports headband which can also be used as a replacement for your regular headsets which easily fall out while you are out running or jogging.





The Sleeping Bluetooth Band is rechargeable and can hold a charge for up to 10 hours per charge with continuous music playtime. This means you can listen to your favorite music and podcasts for long uninterrupted hours or several nights without having to charge it regularly. This makes it perfect for travelling and long flights.



The Sleeping Bluetooth Band is made of lightweight and breathable materials that are like pajamas for your ears. They've been specifically designed for long nights and will provide comfort all night long. The electronic components are removable making it washable. All you have to do is to remove them, wash the fabric and reinstall the components once the band is dried up.



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