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Neon Lights Rainbow Projector

Neon Lights Rainbow Projector
Product Size: 14 x 10 x 6cm
Commodity material: ABS plastic
Commodity power supply: 3 AA batteries (not included in this product) need to be equipped with their own
Power is about 0.25W
【UNIQUE GIFT and HOME DECORATION】In need of a creative gift for a kid or loved one? Rainbow neon light will be a favorite gift for Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Party, Performance, Special Occasions. The light can be used as a decorative light, child lamp, night light. Colorful rainbow gives a feeling of novelty transformation, perfect as room decorative and photography backdrop.
【USED for PHOTOGRAPHY BACKDROP】Suitable for video, displays, TV live, YouTube, studio, club, event or home photography.

【OFFERS A ROMANTIC AMBIANCE】Romantic color combinations create a special fairy atmosphere. An excellent gift for adults and kids!
【Indoor Use】Find out with Rainbow In YOUR Room! A brilliant rainbow is projected across your walls and ceiling. It's a sure way to make any room a happier place. With this amazing rainbow projector, you can enjoy the beautiful rainbow in your room.