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Heat Fading Ink Pen

12Pcs ink Disappearing Heat Erase Pen Refills Fabric Marking Pen with 1pc Pen Case For Dressmaking Craft Quilting Sewing Tools
Eco-friendly and odorless: the nib is designed with bullet head, the ink is smooth and consistent, the lines are clear and the color is gorgeous; it is made of environmentally friendly material, non-toxic and odorless; it is a special pen for sewing, clothing, shoe and bag cutting, craft making, etc.; it is also suitable for novice and professional
Instructions for use: after the black, red, blue heat erase pens are drawn on the fabric, the mark will disappear when heated to about 60 ℃, but the color will reappear when it is around - 5 ℃; while the white pen is just drawn, the color will not obvious, and it needs to wait about 5 seconds before it completely appears; note: after the white mark disappears in high temperature, the color will not appear
For reference: you can use an iron or a blow dryer set on hot to remove the marks left by these heat erase pens; as a reference: white heat erase pens can be used on dark cloth and leather ; red, black, blue heat erase pens can be used on light cloth, please select and use according to your needs