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Anti-Arthritis Gloves FREE

Use Arthritis Therapy Compression Gloves for hand fatigue, cold hands and other types of hand and wrist pain. 
It helps to keep the hands warmi and provides mild compression enhancing blood circulation reducing swelling and stiffness. 
Suggested by an orthopedic surgeon.

Great for: Daily Activity / Sports / Cold hands / Swollen Hands / Hand stiffness / Mild Arthritis

1.Greatly Relieve Pain and Ache by increasing the blood circulation 
2.Ideal for those who suffer from inflammation and aching joints 
3.Helps heal and ease pain 
4.Fingers are free for knitting, crocheting, typing and other tasks 
5.Practical and comfortable to wear 
6.Helps reduce swelling and pain whilst inner layer helps retains heat and warmth 
7.Lightweight Washable 

Material Content: 88% Cotton, 12% Spandex. 
To find your size, place a ruler against your knuckles: 
S (up to 3 1/8), 
M (up to 3 1/2), 
L (up to 4) 

Package included: 1 pair fingerless gloves
color:light grey  /dark grey