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3D Love Eyeglass (Buy One Get One)

Having a bad day? Take it easy and enjoy world's beauty. Feel like being in a fairytale wherever you go by turning lights into heart shapes!

✅See dreamy hearts whenever a light appears!

✅Relax and find joy by just looking around.

✅Design with comfort and style in mind.

✅Using three-layer optical technology lens, through lens processing, the light source will be diffracted and enter your eyes.

✅Heart-shaped diffraction glasses turn ordinary reality into a fairy tale world full of colorful love. You are going to absolutely adore the feeling!

How does Heart Glasses Work?

Our glasses have patented lens technology that offers exceptional clarity and shape clarity. Our original Heart Diffraction Glasses have been improved to incorporate a more durable frame and reinforced lenses that are guaranteed not to pop out! When you wear these glasses in front of your next light display, the lights will erupt into rainbow hearts!

How to use?

Stand in front of a light source and look head on at a point of light. Our Glasses will make the lights explode into rainbow hearts. The heart effect featured in these shades is only available from Heart Glasses Co, you can't get these anywhere else!

Magic Heart Effect

This diffraction glasses could turn all sharp light sources into the shape of love. Wearing this special -effect glasses at night, the world will be full of endless fun. (Note: The unique 3D heart shaped diffraction effect is only evident when you are looking head on at a point of light. )

Rave Glasses

Wearing these glasses with special effects to participate in the rave party will make the activity become more interesting. Special effect glasses are suitable for wearing on various occasion and holidays, take pictures and enjoy the magical world!


Heart-shaped lights become love special effects glasses
Made of plastic frame high quality resin lens.
It is durable fashionable and cool
Material: plastic+ PC
color: Red, Blue, Black, White, Pink
Style: Casual
High quality for durable and long-lasting use.
As a perfect gift for yourself or your friends.
Lightweight, portable and fashionable
Stylish and practical, easy to match different outfits.